What do Images mean in Visual Marketing

Visual Aesthetics

Visual Marketing has always been very effective and the most popular way to create content by brands across the industries. We are going to decode two such images from different brands and try to understand what they are trying to convey.

united-colors-benetton-1The first image here conveys a strong message to its viewers about the integrity in diversity. The image also speaks visually about the sensitive issues of racial discrimination, adoption as well as homosexuality. This picture is a strong message as it shows a Caucasian woman and an African American woman clasping their hands together to hold an Asian baby in the middle like a family does. Usually, like how a customary family portrait includes a father, mother and the baby, this picture leaves the audience pondering about families that are homosexual and how to embrace that. Another way to look at the picture is to see it as an interracial love and the brand also manages to trigger questions like “Why should skin color even matter in love?” Or “How this relationship is different from other relationships?” By this campaign the brand United Colors of Benetton is trying to connect emotionally and also is spreading social awareness by supporting the social issues.

vw-beetle-other-cars-small-25181The second image here is from Volkswagen Beetle which takes a dig on other cars by calling them “starting to look funny”. With the car itself on the poster and a “Drivers Wanted” statement below, the brand shows its bold and confident move and that the car is all ready to make a grand come back into the market. Another way to look at this advertisement is that Volkswagen does not like Beetle being called funny anymore and is making an aggressive attempt to place itself in the market with the respect and dignity it deserves.

Do you see these images any different from how we do? Do let us know how. We are all ears!

Source: Picture 1, United Colors of Benetton 
Picture 2, Volkswagen