The Sun Never Sets On The Mighty Jeep – Image Composition for Social Media

Roses are red, mud is brown

The woods are better than any nights on the town.

The brand I’m referring to is Jeep. Jeep is an American automobile brand which is now part of Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles. The brand popularly makes SUV’s which became prevalent during World War II in the America. The first civilian model was only made in 1945 inspired by Land Rover.

Jeep has different models to offer to all its target market. Its target market has varied range of customers. Jeep also has plenty of marketing strategies in place. Apart from its traditional marketing, Jeep as a brand is very well known on Instagram for its humorous memes with a combination of exploration and adventure as the theme to support its posts. Jeep is seen as a muscular, off-roader and rugged that would be great for travel and also doubles up as a city car. Keeping this in mind, I have clicked a couple of pictures for its social media campaign.

Concept 1:

Jeep Interior

The composition of the above picture is filled with the frame, otherwise called framing. This frame shows the dashboard of the car and defines luxury. This image gives viewers an idea that Jeep also provides luxury with off-roader capabilities. The picture is clicked in natural lighting to give an exact idea about Jeep would look instead of including filters and misleading the audience. There are just slight fixes done with brightness and saturation using Snapseed application. The motive behind this shot from this angle is just to show viewers that Jeep is a brand which looks rugged and muscular from the outside but at the same time is luxury defined while inside with all the wonderful features. The device used to shoot this picture is an iPhone 6.

Concept 2:

Jeep Exterior

This picture is just to show the muscular body of the car. Jeep is known for its design and is popular among various demographics. The backdrop being an empty soccer field gives it a sporty and young feel. Also, the composition used here is the rule of thirds. Rule of thirds says that you should place the most important part of your picture on the intersecting lines and in this picture I have tried doing that. The bumper of the car which is designed very aggressively by the company is placed on the intersecting lines of the camera along with roof railing and the bottom of the car to completely fill in the two-third of the picture and rest one-third is the background. This image is shot in natural lighting and Snapseed app was used to adjust the colors and brightness of the image. This image is clicked on iPhone 6 too.

Concept 3:

Jeep logo

The third picture is composed on the concept of leading lines and is partially also using depth. The logo of the brand is focused well, along with the lines of the design of the car leading to the tail lamp and the backdrop is blurred out giving the logo depth of field. This image was captured in natural light in order to minimize the editing and we also know that images clicked in natural lighting get more engagement. However, the brightness and saturation are modified slightly on the Snapseed application. This picture is clicked on an iPhone 6 as well.

Until next time. Keep Jeeping!