Justifying Online Image Editors – Jeep Social Media Campaign

“Write without fear and edit without mercy”.

Editing images to suit your style of presenting things isn’t something new. Editing becomes important when you start posting content for social media as this tends to attract customers from the specific target audience and makes you stand out from the rest.

The brand I have chosen to demonstrate the editing process on mobile as well as on the computer is Jeep Automobile. I’ll be using the same picture to edit on both mobile as well as on the computer. I’ll be using two of my favorite editors, namely Canva and Snapseed. The picture I have selected is shot by me and the composition I have tried by shooting the outer masculine body of the car with a soccer field in the backdrop is to give it a sporty feel. I have also used the principle of thirds, where I have made sure that the car itself is 2/3 of the picture and rest is the field at the backdrop, which gave a rugged feel for the design of the car.

Editing on a computer using Canva

life-is-a-journey -JEEP

The above picture is edited on the computer using online editing platform called Canva. Canva is super easy to use and has a lot of free features which can be utilized. Firstly, I had to upload the picture I wanted to edit on Canva and then chose the default theme named “social media” to work on. I had to crop my image and adjust accordingly to match the specifications of the canvas. I have used the filter named “Epic” on the image, also using elements I overlaid a black square on the image and reduced its transparency to 30%. Further, using elements I placed a white frame just to make the overall image look attractive. For text, I have used plain white colored fonts named “Monserrat” and “Josefin Sans” and sized them at 64.8 and 54.4 respectively. Finally, I added a Jeep logo at the bottom of the image and then changed its layering to below the overlaid black square, so that the logo blends in with the overall image.

Source:  Jeep logo 

Editing on mobile using Snapseed

Jeep Image

The above picture is edited on an iPhone 6 using the application called Snapseed from Google. This easy to use tool is loaded with features. I opened the image in the application to edit and used the filter called “Lens Blur” which blurred out the entire picture and then with the help of tools, under ‘Lens blur’ settings, I sharpened the object using sharpening tool, which is the car here. Next, I used a filter named “Drama” and adjusted the filter quality.  I added a white frame found under ‘Frame’ option and for text, I used a preloaded design named “M3”, added text, adjusted the opacity and placed it to the left of the entire image giving the car the importance in the picture.

So, this is how we edit images in 2016. Just in case you are a time traveler from the future or the past reading this, please let me know how it’s done in your time.