Creating a Story using Adobe Spark Video

It is the first time I’m using Adobe Spark Video and I loved the experience of using it. It is such an easy platform to use and you can also be very creative with it. I’ll explain the step by step process of making the video using this application, but first watch the video I have created for Tsingtao Beer.

This application is available only on Apple’s iOS devices, so I used iPhone 6 to shoot these pictures and also create this video. There are two ways to make videos on this platform. One: you can shoot pictures as you use the platform to create the story or Two: you can conceptualize the idea for the story first, and shoot images accordingly and then import them to this platform via your camera roll.

For this above story I created in the video, I have used the first method. I shot the pictures as I was using the platform while building my story. Adobe Spark is really simple to use as I mentioned before and as soon as you open the platform you can select from various story guides

Select story
Select story guide – Adobe Spark

After selecting the story guide there will appear time line like layout where you can start adding your pictures by clicking on plus icon in the middle, and pictures can be added from camera roll or other cloud based drives or even from Facebook or you can also shoot the picture using your phone camera.

Importing Picture
Importing Picture – Adobe Spark

Once you are done with this basic setup, you need to follow the same steps every time to add pictures to the platform. This application from Adobe also has many options where you can select from various themes for your layout and also change the fonts and its colors, and add music in the background. The music can also be added from your phone’s storage if you don’t wish to use the music from the application’s collection and the volume of the music in the background can be adjusted. Apart these things the picture placement in the layout also has many options to choose from, which are shown in the screen shots below. Lastly, in the timeline you’ll be able to see the recording icon which is for recording voice over.

Here are the screen shots of all the options I just mentioned.

Themes – Adobe Spark


Themes - 2
Themes – 2 – Adobe Spark


Colors and Fonts – Adobe Spark
Picture placement option
Picture placement option – Adobe Spark


Adding music
Adding music – Adobe Spark

After you are done with the video you get options to edit the credits, title, and category of the video and once you edit everything as you prefer, there are plenty of ways to share the video. You can either save the video to your phone or share it on social media like on Twitter or Facebook. You can also clip it or send it as an email or message.

Sharing option
Sharing option – Adobe Spark

To share this video, firstly, I saved it to my phone and then uploaded it to Instagram. I have not used any filters on Instagram and kept the video true to Adobe Spark. Instagram is only used as an video viewing platform here in order for me to embed the video to this post.

Adobe Spark can be used by the brands to create various stories for their products. The voice over option in this application is an effective tool as the brand can speak to its consumers and convey their message. Also, the application being so simple and handy to use the brands can make videos easily without spending much time or resources.

Have you used Spark Videos yet? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section.